Dennis Fisher talks with Mike Mimoso of Threatpost about the details of Apple’s legal and PR battle with the FBI and federal government. The case involves a lot of oddities, including the FBI’s choice to play it out in public, why the FBI didn’t seek help from forensics experts, and why the government decided that this was the case it wanted to fight this battle over.

Music by Chris Gonsalves and Ken Montigny.

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  1. Hi Dennis,

    My name is Sean Murphy and I work with Anonabox. I just checked out your podcast, and I really enjoyed it. Great content, it moved well, and great sound quality for a podcast. If you put time and energy (and probably money) into putting together a podcast that sounds super clean, it shows.

    I’m writing to see if I can introduce you to Anonabox privacy devices ( We have three new routers that have been garnering very positive reviews from cybersecurity experts and media outlets, and I’d like to start a conversation around Anonabox and On the Wire/Threatpost. I can be reached at

    Thank you for taking the time, Dennis. I look forward to hearing from you.



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